Claim Settlements for Workers Compensation Cases

One option available to Injured Workers is to settle their claim. The following describes some of the key factors in pursuing a settlement.

There are a Variety of Ways to Settle a Claim:

– Some claim settlements involve just one issue (such as a dispute regarding the extent and amount of Time Loss Benefits, or Permanent Disability Benefits, or entitlement to Medical care and treatment).

– Some claim settlements resolve entitlement to all benefits, except the right to obtain future medical benefits.

– Some claim settlements resolve all issues regarding a claim once and for all!

It is important to note that Injured Workers face a number of important decisions regarding their claim.

As the Workers’ Compensation system involves complicated laws and procedural rules, it is often of critical importance to obtain the assistance of a lawyer at the earliest stages of a claim. However, if – for whatever reason – you have not obtained the advice and assistance of a lawyer, the time to act is now by contacting a lawyer for a free initial consultation.

CAUTION: The above examples are not exhaustive. They are offered as an overview and introduction to Workers’ Compensation principles, as well as to review some guidelines, common issues and matters that often arise.

The Information provided is not meant or designed to replace the more detailed advice and guidance afforded and given by a one-on-one Attorney-Client relationship.

You should NOT solely rely on the above information and the information provided on this website. You are encouraged to make your own independent inquiries, as each case is unique and each client has their own particular circumstances that are unique to them. As such, your case should be treated with a respectful, thoughtful and independent evaluation by a lawyer. You are entitled to a Free No-Cost consultation with a lawyer of your choice. Also, remember that Attorney Fees in Workers’ Compensation cases must be approved by a Judge or a Court.