How to Choose an Attorney for Your Injury

When a person is injured, they are often faced with a number of important decisions. Initially, those decisions often involve questions such as:

– Should I see a Medical Professional – and if s, what type of doctor?
– How am I going to pay for my medical care and treatment?
– How am I going to pay my bills if I have to miss time from work?

Of course, when someone has an accident, they can try to treat their injuries themselves. They can also deal with Insurance issues and other financial decisions on their own. However, most people would think this was not wise, or maybe even a foolish course of action.

While most people would agree that it is important to secure a caring, competent and professional Medical Provider as soon as possible after an accident occurs, many folks put off – for a variety of reasons – seeking out the assistance of a lawyer.

You may ask Why is this the case?
Maybe, in part, it’s because the Insurance Industry has done a pretty good job at attacking lawyers and their clients who seek fair compensation for their injuries when they are hurt on the job, or as a result of the negligence and careless actions and behavior of another person.

In addition to getting a Medical Expert on your side, I believe that is is also important to consult with a caring, competent, and experienced lawyer soon after an accident or injury occurs. You can rightly assume that your employer or the party that caused your injury has their claims representative, investigator, and/or legal advisor in their camp and on their side. You certainly deserve the same consideration. You have every right to hire an experienced lawyer who will watch out for you and protect your legal rights. You have the right to obtain appropriate remedies and compensation for you and your loved ones. I will do my best to fight to obtain the rights that you are entitled to under the law!

How does a person who is faced with an unexpected injury choose an attorney?

When someone has an accident, they can try to represent themselves by acting as their own lawyer. In many cases, this can be a bad decision. While your case might seem to start out as a simple one, it can quickly become complicated when Insurance Companies get involved with the handling (and often times, the mishandling) of your claim. Even if the Insurer does not complicate your claim, Hospitals and Medical Providers can file liens against your claim that can interfere with a settlement and resolution of the claim. In addition, government agencies are increasingly prone to file liens against a settlement. For instance, if you are getting Social Security or have an expectation of receiving Social Security benefits within 36 months of the settlement of your claim, you most likely will have to report your accident and claim to the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services (known as “CMS”).

When it comes to the decision to Select an Attorney, there are certain things to consider:

1. Experience Handling Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Cases – in particular, the type of case you have.

2. Commitment to High Standards of Professional & Ethical Conduct.

3. Commitment to Clients and Serving those Clients and Their Particular Needs.

4. Licensed to Practice in the State Where the Injury Occurred.

With regard to the above, Rob believes that he meets all of the above criteria.

He has over 20 years practicing law in California and over 30 years practicing law in Oregon.

Rob Guarrasi has been licensed to practice law in Oregon, since 1981. In California, he has been licensed since 1991. Rob has years of experience in numerous types of personal injury and workers compensation as outlined elsewhere on this website, and as indicated by the testimonials of his clients.

Commitment to his Clients and to Professionalism
Rob is committed to representing his clients in a professional manner, adhering to the Code of Ethics of Attorneys in Oregon, California and Hawaii. He is also committed to representing his clients personally as well as professionally which means that he will make himself available to you as your legal needs require. He does his best to timely respond to you- even if that means contacting you after normal business hours. Rob is committed to responding to you the same day that you contact him – but if that is not feasible, within 24 hours of your contacting him.

You can reach Rob at 503-699-5588 or 541-953-5000 or you can email him.