“Mr. Guarrasi was called in to help Vernon in his workman’s comp case when Vernon had contracted cellulitus from a scrape or puncture from something that was on or in his truck used for work. Vernon had to spend seven days in a Watsonville Ca. hospital. He had become delirious, and for three days had a fever of over 103*. His arm was un-useable and swollen double its size and he could not bend his fingers. This was his right arm used for shifting and very much needed for driving a semi-truck through the three states he drives in. He had IV fluids and a pick inserted to keep the IV in place. He was not allowed to go to the truck when he became more ambulatory. When he was released seven days later, he was given meds he could not even take while driving, as one was a narcotic for pain. It was still difficult and slow going, to get back to Oregon. The meds were for pain and keeping the infection away. He even spent another week at home off work. So it just was not the bill that was intense but also the lack of employment as he gained back his strength, and use of his arm and hand.

When the exorbitant and unreasonable bills started coming in for the hospital and Dr’s services, they totaled more than $120,000 dollars. We were glad when Vernon’s employer had contracted for a Workman’s Compensation claim, and at the beginning breathed a sigh of relief, then received the letter saying we were Refused. Our hearts sank into major depression. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and I’m supposed to stay away from stress, this was NOT going to be possible.

One of the counsels I received from people was to seek a bankruptcy attorney also. We were told, by him (bankruptcy attorney), that we didn’t have enough debt to claim bankruptcy. The only thing we had was a five-generation heirloom ring and that it would be taken to pay the debt of the medical bills. The value of that heirloom was MORE than the bill. But there would be NO way we could keep it if bankruptcy was our choice. So in stepped Mr. Guarrasi.

Then began the months of rejections that he fought for us. Without him there would not have been a favorable outcome. The case was negotiated down and settled for them to NOT pay what we would have had to pay ($120,000.00) but WORKMAN’S COMP PAID about 20% of the full bill. Mr. Guarrasi put his cost for services rendered in and they didn’t even award him 10% of the amount he should have received. They tried to offer him a portion of the negotiated down amount for his services, which didn’t even amount to minimum wage for the amount of time he put in.

He painstakingly worked in our behalf… and in retrospect, he worked for little to nothing for the service he gave for and to us. On the positive side, he solved for us a claim that would have been life destroying for our family.

He is straight-forward, and it would behoove you to use any of his services if you have need.”

Roxanne and Vernon Bowman


“My daughter underwent a difficult recovery process for several years after injuries sustained when a careless driver rear-ended her on the freeway. She had an excellent attorney who helped her despite extreme difficulties and poor cooperation from her own auto insurance company, medical insurance company employees/attorneys, and her shoulder surgeon. She was finally making good progress in her recovery when the initial attorney left his practice.

My daughter was then under severe pressure from her auto insurance company to settle the case with incomplete injury recovery; and she was struggling to find another attorney. Within about 45 days of losing the initial attorney, she got rear-ended again while she was driving a company car and thus became involved in the worker’s compensation system. All of her original injuries were exacerbated, plus a few additional injuries were incurred; and it was very painful. The worker’s comp case made it even more difficult to find a new attorney; and it was very depressing because she kept getting pressured to settle, while she was trying to cope with injuries. I tried to understand the worker’s comp system unsuccessfully; it is a system that is very unfair to not only the victim, but also to the victim’s attorney.

She was looking for an attorney in regard to the worker’s comp matter when she came across a wonderful attorney who stepped forward to help her in that particular case. He subsequently recommended Robert Guarrasi to help handle her complex personal injury cases and to help her cope with the insurance companies, including the worker’s comp insurance system, as well as to aid my daughter in making progress toward recovery from injuries sustained in both collisions. After being introduced to Rob, we found him to be not only an extremely competent attorney, but also a wonderful person as well. Despite knowing the complexity of the cases, he immediately took charge to help my daughter make progress in getting the cases resolved and dealt with the adversaries she had to cope with.

He was the answer to our prayers! We will never forget the kind help Rob gave to our family and in providing guidance to my daughter regarding her recovery from injuries to the point of stabilization. Prior to Rob’s involvement, the case had been dragging on for quite some time; but he very much helped us every step of the way through the process. Rob did it with very little compensation for a lot of hard and difficult attorney work.

My daughter and I liked Rob from the start; and he became a friend. We love him as a person and appreciate his excellent handling of the legal work in a very complex case that many other attorneys turned down due to the very complex and unfair worker’s comp system and belligerent insurance and medical attorneys/employees.”

Don B. for Daughter Client


“I can think of no finer person in the claimant’s bar to receive the Professionalism Award than you! Indeed, I can think of no finer person in the entirety of the workers’ compensation section! You remain one of the most decent, respectful people I’ve encountered in the bar. And you’re a mean chef as well! I’d re-up for the executive committee if it meant getting to eat your cooking again.

Your acceptance speech/video was the best one I’ve ever seen at Salishan. You found the right balance of humility and humor. Thank you for receiving the award with such grace. I almost feel bad for subsequent recipients. You’re now the JFK of Professionalism Award winners. No president since Kennedy has knocked the inaugural address out of the park like he did (and I’m saying this as a lifelong Republican!). Likewise, no one will ever be able to match your speech and video.

Congratulations on both the award and your acceptance. I’m proud to call you my colleague.”

Dean J. Lederer


“After the tragic death of my husband, Rob helped me handle my workers compensation claims and achieve the best possible outcome to help take care of my family. Rob is clearly and expert is his field and was both professional and compassionate. He was always prompt in answering my questions and made an otherwise complicated process easy to navigate. I would recommend Rob without reservation and I am grateful for everything he has done for my family. Knowing that my children will be taken care of has given me peace of mind.




“Our family was in need for an Oregon personal injury attorney. We contacted the Oregon Bar Association and they gave us several names of attorneys in the Portland, Eugene, and Salem areas. We contacted the recommended attorneys and interviewed each one. Robert Guarrasi was the only one who offered to come to our location to meet with us. During our initial interview, we discussed all the possibilities of future legal actions available. We were very impressed with his knowledge and expertise, and the possibility that besides needing an attorney who was licensed in Oregon, we needed one that was also a licensed member of the California Bar Association.

None of the other attorneys we meet with mentioned any other legal pursuits other than a possible personal injury lawsuit. We were looking for someone who was extremely knowledgeable in personal injury laws, insurance company settlement procedures, Social Security Disability guidelines, the need for Guardianship and Conservatorship appointments, and had California Workman’s Comp experience. Rob had everything that we were looking for. He took the time to meet with us at the hospital many times and was constantly checking with us as to the status of our injured family member. He communicated regularly on the progress with each entity that was involved in our case. He also protected us against those who were trying to intervene in our situation for their own interests. Mr. Guarrasi explained each and every step along the way and showed us the proper way to protect and help our family. He went above and beyond in ways what we had ever expected or imagined.

Our case was very complicated and lengthy. It was Mr. Guarrasi tenacious attitude and drive that pulled us through a very difficult time. He was able to negotiate with city officials, hospitals and medical professionals, Workman Comp lawyers, insurance companies, social security representatives, and others to settle our case. There are not enough words to explain how grateful we are to Robert Guarrasi. He did an amazing job and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone who would like an outstanding attorney to work on their behalf.”

M. Hagen