What Type of Insurance Applies to Your Personal Injury Claim ?

There are different types of Insurance benefits and coverages available for Personal Injury Claims.

Depending on the type of Accident you may need make a claim with on or more of the following Insurers:

Auto Insurance: For compensation for your Medical Bills, Wage Loss, Property Damage.

Disability Insurance: Although it is rare, In some circumstances, you might have a Disability Policy that pays wage loss, or even pays your minimum monthly credit card payment if you are disabled from working.

Homeowner’s/Renter’s Insurance: These policies provide a wide variety of benefits including payment of Medical Bills (although Medical Bills are usually limited to $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 unless an accident is involved where someone was at fault/negligent).

These policies also provide Liability Insurance if someone caused an accident through carelessness and fault. For instance, if someone else’s dog bites you or attacks you, Homeowner’s Insurance will pay for your Medical Bills, Wage Loss, Pain and Suffering Damages if the dog owner was careless and negligent.

Note: Throughout my legal career I have handled many Dog Bite/Dog Attack cases. I would be happy to offer you a Free No Cost Consultation with regard to such a case.

Life Insurance: These policies provide coverage and benefits in the case of an “Accidental Death.” Be aware that many times, what actually is an “Accident” that causes death is disputed by the Insurance Company so you may have a fight on your hands with regard to your Claim.

Health Insurance: Most Health Insurance policies will step in to pay for accident related Medical Bills in certain circumstances (for instance, when your Medical Bill Coverage under your Auto Insurance or Homeowner’s Insurance is exhausted). In such a case, your Health Insurer will pay your bills under something called a “Trust Agreement” or a “Subrogation” Agreement. All this means is that if and when you get a settlement of your Personal Injury Claim or get an Award of Money, you have to pay back all (or a portion) of what the Health Insurer paid out on your behalf.

In many such cases, it really is to your benefit to have an attorney, since often the lawyer can obtain a reduction of the amount that would otherwise be paid to the Health Insurer.

For this, as well as many other reasons, especially often due to the complexity of personal injury claims, it is wise to consult with an experienced lawyer at the outset of your injury/accident.

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