Workers Compensation

Oregon Workers Compensation Attorney

Over the past 30 years, Rob has devoted his legal career to representing the rights of injured workers in an attempt to help them and their families recover from the often devastating physical, emotional and financial effects that a work-related injury or disease can have.

Workers Compensation is a no-fault benefit system that provides a variety of benefits to workers who are injured as a result of the work activities. In most states, the system began in the early 1900s. Over the past 80 to 90 years, the system has become increasingly complex and increasingly combative. More and more, insurance companies fight legitimate claims and issue Denials of Benefits. What started out as a system designed to protect Injured Workers and their families from financial hardship, has evolved into somewhat of a “train wreck” where Insurers often hire Medical Experts who will often conclude that a Workers’ medical problems arise from arthritis, or other age-related degenerative conditions (that all human beings succumb to as a result of the natural wear and tear that occurs from years of living, bending, lifting, sitting, etc.).

If is a sad fact of working life that a hard-working and valued employee sometimes becomes – in the eyes of an Insurer (and even an Employer) – someone who is lazy and no longer needed or wanted at the workplace.

Rob has seen firsthand how the workers compensation system, designed to protect injured workers, often has the opposite effect! On the other hand, one of the most gratifying and meaningful aspects of Rob’s professional and personal life is when he can overturn an Insurer’s denial or otherwise obtain benefits for his clients from either a settlement of their claim or after litigation.

After 30+ years, Rob remains committed to his clients and their families. If you would like to read about examples of his work ethic and commitment to his clients and their families click on the Testimonials link below.


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